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Heilsa all Good Ansteorrans interested in Boffer.

Folks the Rules and Guidelines are in their Final Draft form right now. They have not yet been agreed upon, approved, nor signed on.

If you follow the construction methods listed below the weapons may or may not be allowed.

Again I wish to state that Youth Boffer is not yet legal in the Kingdom of Ansteorra!! There will be no Boffer play by minors at any Official Function...period...until the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal, and the Earl Marshal approves and signs the document.

I will offer my opinion on the following:


Okami of the Steppes wrote these words of advice:

>Here are some suggestions for making boffers for the children.
>For the young ones, a boffer without a core was suggested.  One of the best
>and fairly cheapest, is to go to your local Wal-Mart, Target, K-mart,
>Toy's-R-Us, etc...They will have in their pool accessories, and item called
>Funnoddle.  This usually is an 6-8 feet long solid foam cylinder.  Cut to
>shape, and duct tape.

The above is okay for use according to the latest Draft.

>For the older divisions, a core is allowed.  You can still use funnoddle if
>you would like.  You will have to cut the foam in half, and make room for
>golf tubes, or my suggestion of half inch 315 psi PVC.  My suggestion, would
>be to purchase some bedroll foam.  You can get these at most camping stores,
>or Army surplus stores.  They will average about 10-15 dollars a roll.  One
>roll should be able to make about 2-4 swords.   You attach the foam to the
>core, with either some type of adhesive, or tape, and roll the core up into
>the amount of foam you want for your blade.

Note that only Schedule 40 PVC is being considered. If you use golf tubes then they must be doubled (one inside the other). As per Sir William of Weir's and Okami's suggestions.

>For added weight or rigidity, you could use a couple of methods.  One that
>was suggested, is a double core.  You could also use a higher PSI rating of
>PVC.  The spray (insulation) foam can also be used.  For balance and
>additional weight, I usually use some form of large bolt inserted in the
>hilt end of the pvc, that is about the same inside diameter of the pvc.
>Depending on the lenght and material used, it will add weight, and move your
>balance point more towards the hilt than towards the blade.

DO NOT use any metal bolts or any thing else to add mass to the boffer weapons... They will fail inspection...period. The spray insulation is being may well fall under the "equivalent" rule...HOWEVER, don't take that be finalized.

>Hope this is helpful.

Yes it is helpful...and I'm quite glad that folks are taking an interest in the safe and proper construction of Boffer Weapons. As well, I want to thank Okami, Sir William, and others that have contributed to the discussion!!

However, you need to remember that the only weapons that will be allowed on the field are those constructed strictly to the standards set down in the (yet to be approved) Rules and Guidelines. The Final Draft should be on-line within the next week...!! Thank you all for your patience.

>Okami of the Steppes

Waes Thu Hael kinfolk....
Kief - EM Ansteorra
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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