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Steppes Warlord:
May 28-31,1999 (Friday through Monday)

To answer some of the questions you may have about different activities at
Steppes Warlord XXVI, you may find the following synopsis helpful:


Heavy: As always, the Steppes Warlord list will be held beginning Saturday
morning. Come prepared to face the finest warriors in the Kingdom, and from
abroad! You will also find an opportunity to fight for honor in the Central
Regional Defender of the Children list, to be held on Sunday morning. Those
wishing to enter this list must be sponsored by a child. Many local children
are waiting to bestow their favor upon you.

Light: The Steppes Champion list will continue in its honorable tradition,
on Sunday. Come and show the World your skill and prowess. If you need more
combat, come early and fight in the Regional Champion of the Children
tournament, to be held on Saturday morning. Those entering this list must be
sponsored by a child. Come earn the favor and loyalty of a child you love.

But wait, there's More! There will also be a Torch-light Rapier Tourney,
sponsored by House Bloodstone, to be held at midnight on Sunday! You gotta
love it!

Archery: Shoot the day away on Saturday in our Steppes Archery Tournament.
Stay and shoot more on Sunday in the IKAC shoot. Be prepared to battle the
best in the Kingdom!

**NB: All combatants must show current authorization cards to enter any

Other Competitions:

We in the Steppes (as in all of Ansteorra) boast of having the best people
in all fields of endeavor! Come see how your skills stack up! Friendly,
all-in-fun competitions abound at Steppes Warlord-

Bardic: This year, Greek-themed subject matter is encouraged at the Steppes
Bardic Competition. However, any appropriate subject matter is acceptable,
and no special favor will be bestowed upon "themed" material. Prepare your
best story, poem, dramatic interpretation or song. MORE BARDIC! The children
are sponsoring a Regional Children's Bardic competition to be held on Sunday
afternoon. All ages are encouraged to enter and be rewarded with prizes and
word fame!

A & S: Everyone knows of the fantastic skills of the Steppes artisans. Come
prove your skills in the static arts in the Warlord A & S competition. There
will be two categories of entry: Greek and General. You may submit up to
three items total, and submissions will be judged on a single item basis.
One winner will be chosen from each category. Documentation strongly
encouraged. Submissions will be accepted from 9am to 1 PM on Saturday,
judging commences at 1 PM. All entrants must retrieve their displays by 5pm.

Bladed Weapons: The traditional Knife Axe and Spear competition will have a
new twist this year, as Lord Pierce prepares the Warlord Labyrinth to test
your skill! Join in the fun and see who will claim the glory of defeating
the evil Steppes Minotaur! Watch out, or you'll be lunch!

Gaming: How's your chess game? Sit down and rest your weary feet on Saturday
afternoon, while enjoying a match of wits with other gamers. Prizes and word
fame to the best! Several games will be offered, all skill levels encouraged
to enjoy the friendly competition. MORE GAMING! Board games will be set up
again on Sunday afternoon for your enjoyment, from 1pm until 4pm.

Embroidery: Mistress Kalida will once again sponsor the On-Site Embroidery
Competition on Saturday afternoon. Supplies and subject matter provided.
This is a timed competition, so get those fingers limbered up!

Cooking: Had enough? NO? Well, good, because there's more! Gourmands, bring
your camp kitchens and be prepared for anything! At the On Site Dessert
Competition this year, one ingredient will be provided, and you will be
asked to concoct something delicious using it. Your efforts will be tasted
at the Queen of Love and Beauty 25th Anniversary Reception on Saturday night
after Court, and prizes and favor will go to the winner.

Heraldic Consultation and Submissions Table
On Saturday 1-4 pm, and on Sunday 1-4pm Heralds and heraldic resources will
be available to help you research your name and device. In addition,
submissions will be accepted directly to the College of Heralds. The fee is
$9 per submission if you provide all the copies of the forms, or for $12 per
submission you just fill in the contact information and the College of
Heralds will produce all the copies needed, including drawing and coloring
the devices.

Other Activities

On Saturday night after Court, Lord Philip White is hosting a Masked Ball.
There will be prizes given for the Best Greek Mask and Best Mythic Costume.
Come for dancing and great fun.

In conjunction with the Ball, there will be a reception held to honor the
25th Anniversary of the Queens of Love and Beauty. Bards are encouraged to
present the Ladies with a romantic or heroic piece. The On-Site Dessert
competition will be judged at the reception; come and see the delicious
creations of our fair Kingdom's cooks!

Children ages five through 12 are encouraged to participate in Children's
Activities. There will be a short Quest, water sports, and especially, and
opportunity to root for your favorite fighter in the Defender or Champion of
the Children lists! These brave men and women will compete for your favor;
be sure to get to the Children's Activity Center early to make a favor for
cooperation is very much appreciated.

There will be vigils held on Saturday night for three special people, please
plan to pay your respects to Timo and Clarissa as they prepare to enter into
Peerage, and Sir Terans as he joins our Kingdom and swears his fealty to the
Ansteorran Crown. There will also be a Centurion Circle and a Belted Circle
held a Their Majesty's leisure.

The apprentices are hosting a tea to be held on Sunday morning at 11:00 in
the A & S pavilion; please join the festivities and invite your Laurel to
accompany you. Her Highness Princess Octavia invites all Cadets to tea at
4:00 Sunday after the list. Place to be announced.

Last but never least, visit Merchant Row for the finest wares and best
prices in the Kingdom! Booths will be open Saturday and Sunday, all day.
Don't miss the shopping! If you wish to offer your wonderful wares at
Warlord, why not reserve space now? First reserved, first served! Call Ly.
Katya Iadorovna (Karen Calhoun) at 972-618-4885. No calls after 9pm, please.

Well, if you can't find something to do at Warlord, check your pulse! Come
early, stay late, fight and play hard! We can't wait to see you!

F. Havas
Dallas, Texas

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