ANST-Announce - Tragic News from Ealdormere

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Sun May 16 22:22:49 PDT 1999

The following was posted to the SCA-Heralds List slightly after 9 PM,
Sunday May 16.

>The following message came through on the EK mailing list.  I did not know
>his majesty, but I send my sympathies to his lady and his lands.
>Meadhbh o Suileabhain
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>Sent: Sunday, May 16, 1999 8:48 PM
>Subject: [Mid] Tragic News
>>My lord is on the Northshield Hall and received a message from Her Lady
>>of Northshield........ I was surprised that this news was not posted on the
>>Bridge, and it breaks my heart that I am the one to be the bearer of such
>>horrid news.
>>His Majesty Osis of Ealdormere was killed in an accident on His way home to
>>the love of His Queen, from Baron Wars.  His squire - known as Bubba was
>>injured but thankfully survived.  There were no further details.
>>Osis will always hold a special place in my heart and will be horribly
>>by myself and my lord.  Please keep Her Majesty in your thoughts and
>>for this will be a difficult time for Her, she has suffered much loss
>>- this being the greatest.
>>He left our world as a King - a Viking King!  His Queen will need not only
>>the support of Her kingdom......... but ours as well.
>>In great sadness,
>>Astrid of the Yellow Rose

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