ANST-Announce - Kingdom Champion/Defender of Children

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Mon May 17 05:38:21 PDT 1999

                    Defender/Champion of the Children

The Kingdom Minister of Children would like to challenge all fighters to
compete in the Kingdom Defender of the Children (chivalric) or the
Kingdom Champion of the Children (rapier) Tournament at the Ansteorran
Twentieth Year Celebration. A scoring advantage will be given to the
Defender/Champion of the Children from each region. Each combatant must
be sponsored by one of the children of Ansteorra and bear their favor on
the field.  The winners will receive a banner and the child will receive
a sash.   These individuals will, act as liaisons between the Ministry
of Children and the Marshalate for youth boffer combat, champion
children's issues and organize the next Kingdom Defender/Champion of the
Children Tournament. The Champion/Defenders of the Children from each
region will establish the format of the tournament in their region and
act as liaisons for their area.  The Champion/Defender of the Children
for each region will be determined at events in each region, by early
June.   Check with your region's MOC to find out when the regional
tournaments will be held.  If you are in the Southern Region, please
contact His Excellency, David St. David for more details.

I would like to add that the Central Region's Defender/Champion will be
held at Steppes' Warlord. Plus, the Coastal Region's Defender/Champion
will be at the Tourney of the Golden Arrow at the Incipient Shire of
Stone Bridge Keep (formerly River Tree).  As well as, the Western Region's
Defender/Champion will be at Pass de Armes X in the Shire of Adlersruhe.

In service,

Countess Anne
Kingdom MOC
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