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> There is an upcoming Kings College on June 19th in  Mooneschadowe.

Thank you for that reminder!

At the upcoming King's College, there is a "brewing" track. This track
will cover a wide-variety of topics from many teachers experienced in
the arts. These classes cover from the basics to the more advanced

Confirmed classes are:

Intro to Period Potables (Brief overview of different alcohol styles -
   1 hour - Tadhg)
Mead (1 hour - Damaris)
Mead hands-on (2 hours - Tadhg & Damaris)
Intro to Beers and Ales (1 hour - Petruccio)
Period All-Grain Beer Brewing (1 hour - Oxlade)
Cordials (1 hour - Mercedes)
Period Hypocras Making (1 hour - Pug)
Weird Herbs in Medieval Brewing and Vintning (1 hour - Magdalena)
Round Table (1 hour - Everyone)

This is 10 hours of classes on alcohol alone!

This is but one set of classes being presented at this fine event. There
are also many cooking, glass, textiles, history, dance as well as SCA
specific classes.

If you would like more information regarding this event, please take a
look at:

Please come, learn, and participate!!

These people come to this event to teach *you* what they know.

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