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Mon May 24 09:20:32 PDT 1999

Are you planning to attend King's College, June 19th, in the Shire 
of Mooneschadowe?  Why not????!

Currently, we have over 90 classes scheduled for the event.  When 
all is said and done, we should have 100+.  (Finding an interesting 
class should not be a problem... deciding which classes to attend 
may be a different matter!)

Tracks include:
Fiber Arts/Costuming
Cooking (including hands on, in the kitchen)
Glass work
Court Dance
and classes for Children

In addition to the tracks, we currently have 43 miscellaneous 
classes ranging from the "Zen of Drumming" to a two hour 
"Personna Workshop" to "Islamic Ceramics" to "Shoemaking" to 
"Medieval Bookbinding" to "How to Hold a Successful Theme 
Event."  That's just to name a few.

We're offering lots and lots of "hands on" classes as well, so if you 
don't like sitting through lecture classes, fear not.  You can spend 
the entire day making things, getting your hands dirty, and learning 
new skills.  

-The rooms have airconditioning.  
-The site fee includes an evening side-board.  
-There will be dancing in the evening.   
-There will be a Laurel's Circle.  
-There will be a meeting of the College of Heralds.  
-There will be a fundraiser for the new Kingdom A&S judging forms. 
-There will be a meeting to discuss the charter for the new 
Kingdom Dance Guild.

For a full schedule of classes, check out the website at:

Gunhilda, event steward
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