ANST-Announce - Steppes Warlord

Franchesca Havas ches at
Mon May 24 19:23:27 PDT 1999

Greetings Mortals and fellow Immortals,

I am in need of a handsome, brash, clever, larger than life individual to
play a Dragon for the children's quest on saturday. The quest will be from
4pm until 5pm. Please if you fit the above description, Aphrodite is a great
need of your services.

For this weekend I will be hosting games and fun for the young children of
our realm. We will seek out the mythical tree of the golden apples, chase
red lions, visit Poseidon for water games, create mythical masks for the
ball, make puppets for our puppet show and cheer on our fighters as they
compete to protect these children. If you wish a schedule of activities from
me please ask and you shall receive!

Goddess of Love
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