ANST-Announce - New E-mail address for Baron of Stargate

Michael Tucker michaelt at
Wed May 26 09:47:56 PDT 1999

Hello, everyone:

I have "privatized" my E-mail account at work. It's the same mailbox (michaelt),
same Internet service provider (NeoSoft here in Houston), but different domain
name. Instead of "", it now reverts to "".

Therefore, my new E-mail address is: michaelt at

Please adjust your address books accordingly. For some time (I'm not sure how
long), mail sent to the old address will be automatically forwarded to the new one.

Ordinarily, I would just mail private notifications to everyone in my address
book. However, since I'm not just "Michael", I'm also "that Stargate Baron guy",
I thought it an appropriate use of the new "announce" feature Pug has set up for
us. This assures that all the officers of the kingdom get the word right away,
without having to repeat this message on every list. (Thank you, Pug!)


Michael Silverhands
Baron of Stargate

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