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Tim Lozos timden at
Mon May 31 10:22:20 PDT 1999

        To my wonderful friends and family, the Kingdom of Ansteorra, I give

        Thanks to gentle giant of a man,whose name I cannot recall, in the
Shire of Blackhawk in the Midrealm, where I first saw the SCA at the age of
13. He lit the fire of the dream in me, showing my younger brother and
myself the ways of a warrior, and putting up with us dragging our hockey
equipment, our garbage can lids, and ducttaped carpet to their fighter
practice. He was not a Knight. He had no belt and chain. But I do know that
I would be glad to call this man my brother, for he had the heart of a Knight.

        Thanks to my friend, Chris Hale, who brought out a sword and helm
during a visit four years ago, and said "Ever heard of the SCA?" He
reawakend an old desire in me.

        Thanks to Lord Ivan Ezhov and HL Fionna ni Chealligh, friends from
the first. They helped me find the Society, and held my hand as I tested the

        Thanks to Sir Kief av Kiersted, not for speaking for me yesterday,
but for being the first Knight I saw, showing me what it really meant. For
dragging out his own armor so a newbie could fight at his first practice.

        Thanks to the Barony of Raven's Fort. Baron David, Baroness Crystal,
HL Yoshimoto, HE Lorraine, Lord Nikolas, Lady Kezia, Lord Radulfr, Lady
Freya, Don Zorcon, HE Gwen, Erkan Fox, Isabeaux, Lord JeanMicheal, the
Swein,the WarriorsformerlyknownasSwein, Raven's Thunder and all my friends.
It's nice to have a home.

        Thanks to the Barony of Bryn Gwlad, my home away from home. Baron
Pendaran, Baroness Jehane, HG Kein, HG Alisha (thanks for remembering my
name *grin*) and so many others. They beat the tar out of me when I first
started, just like I wanted. It gave me the desire to Do What Heros Do.

        Thanks to Duke Mikeal of Monmouthshire, for teaching me how to be a
Knight, without ever showing me a blow. For a shot is just a shot, but to be
a Knight is much more.

        To Graf Galen and Grafina Rebbeka, for being the first King and
Queen I saw. To HE Mahadi, for calling me to the Champions Battle and
scareing the hell out of me. To Sir Drake, peas and carrots, 'nuff said. To
Duke Jean Richard, for letting me see what its like behind the Thrones. To
Sir Emrys, for showing me a heart of gold.
          To Sir Dieterich, Sir Alexis, Sir Wilhelm, Sir Godwin, Sir Aaron,
Sir Alrek, Sir Karl, Sir William, Sir Badon, Sir Galen, Duke Patrick
Micheal, Earl Barn, Duke Stephan of Bellatrix, HRH Daffyd,Sir Burke, Duchess
Mikeala, Countess Maggie, Mistress Staysa, Mistress Raysia, Mistress
Kasilda, Baroness Niessa, Baron Micheal, Baroness Zara Zina, Baron Llywelyn,
Baroness Mari, Centurion Tor, Centurion Othar, Baron Ulstead, Don
Miguel,Centurion Romanius, for everything. Thank you.

        Thanks to everyone who helped with my vigil and ceremony, Lord
Nikolas, Lady Kezia, Erkan, Hunaric, HL Iohn, Baron Duncan, Micheal Twin
Ceders,Lady Freya, Mst. Kasilda,  Duchess Larissa (thanks for saving my butt
with the sewing), the "Seven Sins", Stephan MacThomais, Mst. Rayisa and
Stasya, Mst. Niessa, HE Maggie, Master Robin, Sir Kief and everyone in the

        To Gunthar, not His Majesty Gunthar, but just Gunthar. For keeping
my head straight and helping me grow. Thank you

        Finally, To my lady Allyson. Thanks for standing behind me and
always keeping my feet on the ground. Words cannot express what you have
ment to me.

        Sorry this is so long and a bit sappy, but I could'nt have gotten
here alone. I'm  sure I have forgotten someone, and for this I do apologize.
Ansteorra is the greatest Kingdom in the knowne world, and I am honored to
stand amonst it's defenders.

        Sir Timotheos Kalamanos
        72nd Knight of Ansteorra

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