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Thomas Jenkins enforcer_74 at email.com
Mon Nov 1 14:15:12 PST 1999

Greetings unto one and all!

Well, "All Hallows Eve" is officially in the books, and like so many
autocrats before me, I have a long list to thank, and I might get a little
misty eyed here (yeah, right...).

First, I would like to thank my co-autocrat, HL Agnarr Thorvaldson. I really
couldn't have done this with out your help.

Elewys (mka Jane Lusk) get the right hand award from me. She really pitched
in and helped out when it was crucial. It's people like Jane that allow
autocrats to maintain what little bit of their sanity that they can salvage.
Also, Janes cousin Charles, for lending a much needed hand to feast

Julianna, Caelin, Morgana, and Christianna (mka the Armsteads) for pitching
in, even when there were much more pressing matters at hand.

My feasto-crat, Stephen Blackthorne, for a wonderful feast (If I see another
deviled egg anytime soon, I think I'm going to die, though... hehehehe).

Honestly, the list just goes on and on, and as my brother Ian says, only
brass hats are allowed to be long winded... hehehehe

Congratulations to Sir Aaron Macgregor, who took first place in the heavy
fighting tournament. Also, a big Ansteorran vivot to Lord Jasper, who won
most chivalrous fighter in the same tourney.

Janes cousin Charles (I hate to keep calling him that, but I don't know his
last name yet) took first place in the A&S competition, displaying a
beautiful iron cross he made.

I would also like to announce my engagement to Christianna Macbeth, which
also took place Saturday night. We will be married Oct. 31, 2000, and I
expect to see everyone there...

Thanks to everyone who attended (especially Larkin... I can't get that tune
out of my head now!!!). Overcoming mother natures little toorent Friday
night, and all of the other little problems an autocrat can run into, I
would say the weekend was quite a success.

In Service,

Logan Macleod of the
Clan Macleod
KM Crossrode Keep
Squire to Sir Aaron

"You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake... Well this might
be it, sister..."     -Han Solo

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