ANST-Announce - Amber Challenge II

Bob Dewart gilli at
Mon Nov 1 16:12:45 PST 1999

Greetings and Hi there,

Sorry I'm a little late with this friendly monthly reminder.

There was such a great responce to the last Amber Challenge that we're doing
it again but just a little different.

The winner will still be the individual, branch or region that turns in the
most Kingdom Award Insignias to HE Michelle as before but the prize will be
15 feet of amber.  The individual with the most turned in will receive 3
feet of amber.

To make sure that the insignia are of quality as well as quantity, HE
Michelle will select the 10 best insignia as they come in.  These ten
insignias will be displayed at  coronation for a popular vote.  All ten will
receive word fame plus the winner of the popular vote will receive
approximately 3 feet of lapis lazuli (don't ask me what it is, it's blue and

All insignia to count must be turned in to HE Michelle before Their
Majesties Last court.

I invite all who wish to add to the above prizes for our artisans who make
the insignia to please do so.  Please contact Gilli at gilli at
with your contributions.  A monthly update and reminders will be on the

Please tell your friends who are not on the list of the Challenge.

HE Michelle is the Deputy Sable Scroll (Regalia).  Her correct address is in
the Black Star.

For more information, see page 18 of the September Black Star.

Please feel free to contact me privately with questions or comments on the

Thank You for Your support,


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