WR - Misplaced Number

Laura Hodnett laura at netwest.com
Sun Nov 7 23:31:40 PST 1999

You could have asked me Curnan, I knew........BUT,   NOOOOOOOOOOO, you had 
to ask someone else and everyone in the WESTERN REGION........Thats ok. 
 See ya when you return.


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From:	dean [SMTP:racerx at tcac.net]
Sent:	Saturday, November 06, 1999 10:45 PM
To:	western region
Subject:	WR - Misplaced Number

I am trying to get in touch with my Centurion/squire brother Gustav 
Hastings. I have misplaced his phone number. If anyone has it or you are 
reading this yourself Gustav, please email me at racerx at tcac.net . I am 
going to try and attend Bonwicke's fighter practice tomorrow and was hoping 
he would be there. By the way, what time is Bonwicke's fighter practice on 
Sunday? Thank you for your time.

Centurion Curnan Ravenshaw
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