ANST-Announce - Results of GW selection at Kingdon A&S

Tue Nov 9 04:24:16 PST 1999

The following is a result of the Gulf War Artisian selection held at Kingdom 
A & S.
There will be another 5 Artisans and 2 alternates choosen by the Highness at 
Northern Regional in Feb.

15 Gulf War Artisans
Tamlin du Bois Vert
    15th C Towels Weaving
Sigrid Eiriksdottir
    Chinese Porcelain Urinal
Charles de Bourbon
    French/Italian Elizabethan Gown
Fionna ni Cheallaigh
    Tabletwoven Filet
Aslyn Crystyn [Aislynn]
    Steppes Warlord Scroll

Genevieve de Courtinvault
    Strapwork Jerkin

Diarmaid O'Duinn [Diarmait ua Dhuinn]
    Reconstruction of Irish May Gown
Gwyneth Blackrose
    Beef Stew
Catherine de Calais
    5 Food Dishes
Eule von Haginbald
    Falconry Research Paper
Aelfwyn aet Gyrwum
    Survey of Anglo Saxon Beads
Clair Shayhan [Clare Isib?al S?adhach?n]
    Women's Velvet & Linen Costume
Ihon Vincent MacFergus
    Celtic Christian Spirituality Research Paper
Rosalia O Brogan
    Dye Study
Damaris of Greenhill
    Ordinary Beere


Oxlade Lachlan MacKinnon
    3 Beers to go with Paper on Brewing

Katherine Sommerfield [Cathlin Sommerfield]
    Embroidered Icon

Ana Maria Magdalena Selvaggio [Maddelena]
    5th C Mosaic
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