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Tue Nov 9 20:37:37 PST 1999

Forgive me if this comes across as being curt. I thought we already asked
this question and it was a choice between Sat. the 20th or Sun the 21st. And
the majority decided sat the 20th. I don't mind if it changes, but sometimes
I work on Saturdays and when I want off, I schedule it as far in advance as
possible, and now it seems allot of people want to change it with less than
2 weeks until the original scheduled practice. If the majority want it
changed then I will support it. Maybe next time each Seneschal in the
western region should be contacted on W.R. issues and they can poll their
populace and get and a majority answer from each group. This may decrease
response time. Thank you for your time.
Centurion Curnan Ravenshaw
Squire to Prince Sir Alaric Drake
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> Greetings unto one and all...
> Well, it looks like quite a few people have a "conflict of interests" on
> Nov. 20, the day we have sceduled the war practice.
> I've looked at my calendar, and honestly, I can't see there being any time
> between then and New Years where everyone won't be too caught up in the
> season to practice.
> I'll look at it once more, but if we can't find time between now and the
> of the year, we'll have to stay with the 20th of November.
> Logan Macleod of the
> Clan Macleod
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