WR - War Practice Is On!!!!!

H.L. Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at apex2000.net
Thu Nov 11 00:54:31 PST 1999

O.K. Since it sounds like the 20th is the date to play. How many of you
combat archer types want to do some combat archery training at this war
practice? I can give a good rundown and class on the tactics that was taught
and practiced at the Southern Regional War Practice last February.  I
personally like the possibilities these tactics allow while doing open field
battles. Or do most of the regional fighters/archer combo types want to stay
with the smash, bash, and flank 'em on the shield wall type of
tactics/training?  Either way I'm game.  Additionally I have plenty of
combat arrows (sorry no crossbow quarrels) available for loan for the day so
those having a short supply or no combat arrows need not worry.

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>>I'm looking forward to the practice... We will get started around 11
>>and we have a lot to do, so come ready to fight!
>     Just out of curiosity, who is teaching the heavy, and what are they
>gonna be teaching?
>I just have to pick on you Logan.
>Sir Aaron
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