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Thu Nov 11 22:02:21 PST 1999

Unto all to whom these presents come, greetings from Stephen Macthomas.

My lords and ladies, on behalf of the host Cantons of Westgate and Gate's 
Edge I wish to invite you all to come and participate in the final weekend of 
the Texas Renaissance Festival's Silver Anniversary Season.  Many activities 
await you:

* House Navarre is sponsoring their annual Prize Tournament, with the 
chivalric and rapier winners receiving beautifully crafted Ansteorran war 
tabards, just in time for war practices!

* Bardic and A&S competitions will be held throughout both days, and hand-on 
demonstrations are welcomed.  The prizes, though still to be determined, will 
be nothing short of breathtaking.  (The bardic challenge tournament has been 
postponed and will resurface soon - stay tuned for details!)

* Lord Alan McGuire is hosting a Pente Tournament.  All are invited to 

* An ongoing Skittles Tournament will be held throughout the weekend.

* The final round and overall judging for the Mask Competition will be held 
immediately following the final round on the mound (about 4:30 pm Sunday).  
Also, on Saturday, Lady Kieran will teach a maskmaking class for our 
children.  She has asked that you bring any mask decorating items that you're 
willing to part with.

* This isn't an SCA announcement per se, but it's SALE WEEKEND, 'nuff said.

There are plenty of passes left for this weekend, and we can always use the 
assistance of our populace.  Just a few hours of your time is all we ask.  
Help make this the most successful weekend of the most successful season in 
TRF history.

If you haven't already requested passes, you may do so by sending an e-mail 
to HL Brian du Val, the TRF liaison, at cobalt60 at  Information about 
how to pick up your passes can be found in the October Black Star.

Hope to see everyone out!

In your service,
Lord Stephen Macthomas, Weekend Steward
Canton of Gate's Edge
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