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Marcus Hite mbhite at arn.net
Fri Nov 12 18:38:34 PST 1999


For all intrested I will teach a  youth rapier class at the regional practice as
well.  Youth Boffer and Youth Rapier are two different authorizations.   Also,
if your rapier card is expired or about to or you need one this would be a good
chance . Hope to see everyone there.

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Cadet to Don Donovan

Thomas Jenkins wrote:

> Greetings unto one and all!
> I have terrific news. Baron Vallust, our Wester Region Youth Combat Marshall
> will be at the Nov. 20th WR War practice! He will be teaching a class in the
> youth combat/boffer, so this is an excellent chance for folks to get
> authorized.
> I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I believe the youth combat
> offers the kingdom, and more specifically, our region, to grow by leaps and
> bounds. Not only that, for those of you that have volunteered time with
> children before, it's an excellent chance for us to have a positive impact
> on their lives.
> I can't stress enough the importance of making a difference in a child's
> life. It's been the turning point for me, and I'm sure my fellow SCAers have
> plenty to offer as well!
> Also, the BBQ revel is still on for that evening. There are still plenty of
> things those of you that plan to attend could help out by bringing, so
> please get in touch with me. Local Seneschals, please pass this message
> along to your players that aren't on line, and if your seneschal isn't
> online, then pass it on to them...
> In Service,
> Logan Macleod of the
> Clan Macleod
> KM Crossrode Keep
> Squire to Sir Aaron,
> asker of silly questions...
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