WR - War Practice Is On!!!!!

Mike Geisendorff siraaron1 at juno.com
Sun Nov 14 21:02:42 PST 1999

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999 17:14:14 -0500 (EST) Thomas Jenkins
<enforcer_74 at email.com> writes:
>We have a rule within the Scottish Clans... He that asks "who" first 
>summarily executed... I mean volunteered. Yeah, that's it. 
>Since Ozy can't be there, I'm sure he won't mind if you run through 
>the "war
>stuff" for him...
>Logan Macleod of the
>Clan Macleod

Yeah, I was afraid you were gonna say that...  *chuckle*

I'll be there, Let's get ready for a WAR!

Sir Aaron
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