WR - Gulf War Call to Arms

adams, ozy ozy at door.net
Mon Nov 15 11:43:43 PST 1999

Unto the mighty and fearsome warriors of the West your Warlord sends greetings.
I have recovered from my injuries and am now able to continue marshal activities.
Due to a prior commitment to their Majesties I will not be attending this coming
war practice organized by Squire Logan. I urge any who intend to fight with the Western Region at Gulf
to attend this and any future war practices, or any of the many Kingdom wide melee events and war practices
leading up to GW. Bonwicke was very well represented at Three Kings this weekend, but sadly the rest of the region was notably absent. His Highness is looking to us to field a cohesive force this year and I feel that this is a reasonable wish.
Would anyone intending to fight at the War please drop me a line so that I can get a head count.
Please include both names, home group, weapon style and any household allegiances.
Would anyone speaking for any group of fighters at the War please contact me.
Also, I am interested in attending local fighter practices, would all Knight Marshals please send me info on days and times.

PS. Anyone interested in fighting for His Majesty and myself at Estrella War this year please drop me a line.  

Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of War...
 -Erazmus Totengraber
Squire to Maximillian
Warlord, Western Region  
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