WR - Practice, December 5, Bonwicke

adams, ozy ozy at door.net
Tue Nov 16 19:32:51 PST 1999

Unto the diligent and proud warriors of the west, your warlord sends greetings!
There will be a war practice Dec. 5th at the Bonwicke practice site. Please let me know if you can attend, as I will be feeding all participants. Even if you do not intend to go to this war, there will be others and the practice will do you good, please feel free
to share in the eats and camaraderie. I can also arrange for A&S and persona development stuff if there is an interest.
Please email with any suggestions, questions or concerns.
-Erazmus Totengraber
Squire to Maximillian
Western Regional Warlord  

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