WR - Practice, December 5, Bonwicke

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Wed Nov 17 14:59:46 PST 1999

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>Subject: WR - Practice, December 5, Bonwicke
>Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 21:32:51 -0600
>Unto the diligent and proud warriors of the west, your warlord sends 
>There will be a war practice Dec. 5th at the Bonwicke practice site. Please 
>let me know if you can attend, as I will be feeding all participants. Even 
>if you do not intend to go to this war, there will be others and the 
>practice will do you good, please feel free
>to share in the eats and camaraderie. I can also arrange for A&S and 
>persona development stuff if there is an interest.
>Please email with any suggestions, questions or concerns.
>-Erazmus Totengraber
>Squire to Maximillian
>Western Regional Warlord

Greetings, Erazmus "Death Grabber"
	I would be more than happy to attend this practice.  i look forward to 
seeing you and everybody else, there.

Lord Orin Ketilson

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