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Mon Nov 22 11:37:38 PST 1999

Greetings from Lord Dragonetti,

Photos from Bordermarch Autumn Melees are online at:

Bordermarch Index page:
Bordermarch - Melees:
Bordermarch - Evening court, Miguel's knighting & following celebration:

Armand's Album Index:

I want to thank Lady Arabella de Montacute and Master Richard Fairbourne for taking many of these photos and allowing me to participate in the festivities. I did not get photos of several things, as there was an abundance of significant activities. If you have any good photos of Don~a Leigh, Sir Simon and Countess Tessa, or photos of their new squires and protégé, I would very much like to post them, as well as any others you want to send.

I also want to thank everyone for their kind words regarding the site while encouraging criticisms to help me improve it.

In your service,
Ld. Armand Dragonetti
Elfsea Historian/Virtual Scribe
Squire to Viscount Galen of Bristol
House at Axe's Ford
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