WR - Practice, December 5, Bonwicke

adams, ozy ozy at door.net
Sun Nov 28 20:13:00 PST 1999

Unto the well fed and still groggy warriors of the West, your Warlord sends
Yes, the practice is still on for Dec. 5 at Noon. I have had great feedback
so far, but keep talking it up in your home groups. Also, I would appreciate
some rough head counts from drivers, heads of households, whomever, just so
I can get an idea of how much food to prepare.
As for directions, I do not know all the street names, somebody help me out
(if this has not been cleared up by tuesday I will break down and get the
styreet names, have no fear). We will be on the North Side of Maxi Park.
Looking forward to a great event,
Squire of Maximillian

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