WR - The time has come again!!

Thomas Jenkins enforcer_74 at email.com
Mon Nov 29 15:07:41 PST 1999

Trust in the Brutely One... Anyone who camped in the Western
Region/Mendersham campsite at Gulf two years ago can testify... Appropriate
room for camping is a must.
If there is anything I canm do to help, Britta, let me know. It doesn't look
like I'm going to be able to go (unless chanel nine decides to give me more
vacation than they have to). Sorry...

Lord Logan Macleod of the
Clan Macleod
KM Crossroad Keep

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Subject: WR - The time has come again!!

Greetings Western Region!

Last Gulf War, as a region, many of us sent in our reservation and were
able to have land held for us.  I would like to do it again.  It will
take about 20 people sending their reservations.  Ansteorra's land
allotment is based upon how many people to this, so more reservations
mean more land.  Is anyone interested in sending in reservations, saving
money, and having land waiting for us?  Email me at thebrutely1 at juno.com.
Reservations for Gulf begin in 2 DAYS and go through Feb. 15th.  For
more information, check out the website at www.gulfwars.org.  So start
making plans!
Also, there has been some talk about a war bus.  I have been contacted
by a few people, but not enough to do it.  I know it is still early for
some to know if they will be going to war, but this is something that
can't wait to the last minute.  If you haven't contacted me about the war
bus yet, drop me a line.
Be sure and share this info with the non-net users in your group.

Thanks and let's get ready for WAR!!!

Brita MacGregor

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