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I have been thinking about our regional practice and I have some
questions I would like to have your feedback on.

(Thinking has been determined to be dangerous to your health by the Surgeon
General... hehehehe)

1)  Did it help prepare you for future melee scenarios?  Why or why not?

----For a lot of fighters, a war practice is their first "taste" of melee,
and a very important part of their training. I believe it helps me get away
from the "tunnel vision" I get from fighting single combat most of the time,
so yes... I believe it helped me.

2)  When commands were given, were they followed correctly?

----Commands differ so much from region to region, and kingdom to kingdom,
they sometimes get confusing for transplants like me. However, it is a
practice, so it certainly helps.

3)  How confident do you feel about the commands?  Do we hesitate or
react automatically?

----I think there are times when non-commanders see things the commanders
don't, and unfortunately they are afraid of breaching the chain of command.
Let fighters know that other than yelling "CHARGE!!", it's still a good idea
to yell to your team mates to let them know their in trouble (i.e. someone's
sneaking up on them...)

4)  Do you trust the fighter next to you to follow the commands?

----Yes, until about twenty seconds after the actual fighting begins.
Unfortunately, the importance of cohesion among fighters isn't stressed
enough, and the idea of staying together sometimes gets lost in the heat of

5)  How can we better our regional unit and what do you want to see our
unit be?

----Of course, I would like to see us become the best. Duh...


Remember, there are no right or wrong answers.  I just want honest
We can't learn, if we don't analyze our actions.

thebrutely1 at juno.com

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