WR - To the Heavy Fighters ...

Roberta Starkey rstarkey at camalott.com
Mon Nov 29 16:14:53 PST 1999

 1)  Did it help prepare you for future melee scenarios?  Why or why not?

 2)  When commands were given, were they followed correctly?

 3)  How confident do you feel about the commands?  Do we hesitate or
react automatically?
 4)  Do you trust the fighter next to you to follow the commands?

 5)  How can we better our regional unit and what do you want to see our
unit be?

> Comments?

It is much easier to function as a unit if you have trained as a unit.  If
the WR doesn't train as a melee unit, knowing the commands and knowing how
the people you are fighting with's strengths and weaknesses, there will
only be a group of people going in the same direction for a while, not an
effective killing machine.  

For some, it will be the first taste of melee.  For those going to war with
the WR contingent, it will give confidence that you can not only work as
part of a team, but that you can live longer if the team works together.

Since I missed regional practice last time, I can't comment on whether or
not the orders were followed, etc.  But it will take more than one practice
to get everyone on the same sheet of music, marching to the same drum, and
comfortable with the commands and each other.  

There is nothing better than fighting as a unit and smashing thru the
opposition line, then turning and munching up a flank.  It takes practice
and training to do so.  It does take knowing that the fighter at your side
won't go off on his or her own agenda and leave your back open.  

We need a list of the commands given to each Knight Marshall of the Western
Region, and have the KM practice with the fighters every week (for even a
few minutes) on some of the commands (small unit training), then get
together and go to regional practice and repeat the same on a larger scale.

What I would like to see is a good cohesive unit that stays alive, kills or
wounds the opposition, and has a great time doing so.

Ryah - <who is fighting on the other side this GW, too.>

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