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Hello Adelaide
I am going to need crash space for the party that night.. Don't know for sure when I will be coming down. Let me know anything I might do to help or anything that really needs to be brought (ie party cake? plates?)

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    For those of you who missed the first announcement of the Toys for Tots
    event here it is again.
    Greetings Unto the Western Region:
    Blacklake is hosting a Toys for Tots tourney and Yule Revel Feast on
    December 11, 1999.
    The site is Slator Park & Community Center, at 38th & Pleasant in Odessa,
    The site opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. This is a DRY SITE!
    Pets allowed!! Playground available for children.
    For the tournament you must bring a NEW TOY in order to enter. Armour
    inspection to
    begin at 10:30 a.m. and the tourney starting around 11:00 a.m. If
    inclement weather should arise we will try to hold the tourney in doors
    but this means you will not be able to fall down in armour. War practice
    may also commence afterwards.
    There will be an Arts & Sciences display so bring your finest. A few
    classes are scheduled throughout the day. Blacklake is also having a
    Pot-Luck Feast and will provide the meat so please RSVP if you plan to
    attend so we know how much to provide. Please bring other food, feast
    gear and chairs for this occasion. 
    The media has been asked to be there in honor of the Toys for Tots so
    let's put on a good show for the tournament and Arts & Sciences.
    After the feast there is a WET SITE that will host:
    There will be an actual revel at Ulrica's Cottage. A map will be provided
    at the event
    for your convienence. Limited crash space is available upon request.
    DIRECTIONS TO SITE:  Slator Park - Odessa, TX
    *If you are coming from Trelac, Mendersham or Crossrodes Keep take your
    best route to Interstate 20. When you get to Odessa take 385 north which
    is known as Grant Ave. in Odessa. Go to 42nd street and turn left.
    (Heading West at this point).  Go past Golder Ave. and just a few streets
    down is Pleasant Ave. Turn left on to Pleasant and go to 38th. Slator
    Park will be on your right.
    *If you are coming from Adlersruhe or Bonwicke take your best route to
    Andrews, TX. Stay on 385 South and come on into Odessa. Again 385 is
    Grant Ave. in Odessa. Turn right on 42nd street (Heading West at this
    point). Go past Golder Ave. and just a few streets down is Pleasant Ave.
    Turn left on to Pleasant and go to 38th. Slator Park is on the right. 
    HL Adelaide Walcheman
    Susan Galindo
    1110 W. 24th
    Odessa, TX 79763
    (915)334-0428  (5 p.m. to 10 p.m.)
    lilystar at juno.com 
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