ANST-Announce - Nobles Get Your Archers

Debbie Dewart darcy at
Tue Nov 30 16:37:11 PST 1999

During the festivities at Coronation, time to be announced later,  HL Gilli
will be  sponsoring a Nobles Archery Shoot.   The shoot will have two
divisions; a recurve/longbow division and a crossbow division.

Nobles (Court Baron(nes)) and above may sponsor as many as two teams per
division.  Each team will consist of two archers, who may or may not be
Nobles.  Each archer may shoot in each division if sponsored.  Each team may
only repersent one
Noble per division; however, not required to repersent the same Noble in
each division.

To enter the shoot, the sponsoring Noble puts up a prize per team per
division entered as an entry fee.  This prize could be anything from a roll
of duct tape, a helm, a set of tent stakes, a promise for a particular type
of work, just about whatever will do.

The equipment will meet IKAC standards.   There is no weight limit to the
bow / crossbow.  However, blow throughs or fall outs count as a miss.  The
targets will be a five color 60cm targets mounted on butts provided by the
Barony of Elfsea (thank you).

Each archer will be allowed only 6 arrows / bolts per distance they qualify
for.  Everyone is qualified to start (after a short safety briefing of
course).   The range will start at 20 yards.   To qualify to shoot at the 30
yard target, the team must put at least one arrow / bolt in the scoring area
of the target.  The qualifing teams will continue to move back 10 yards at a
time till there is only one team continuing.  Should a round end with no one
continuing, then the round will be reshot with the same participants for
high score.  If we run out of  room with teams qualified to continue, we
will shoot for score at that istance.

If time is a concern, both  divisions will be shot at the same distance
before moving on.

It is desired that the archers were the colors of their Noble.  Each team
will enter the field being announced by their herald, who will also anounce
their progress in the competition.   The thought here is to make the shoot
as visually appealing as possible.  Side betting among  the spectators and
even the archers is encouraged as long as it dosen't interfer with safety.

Any questions and comments should be directed  to HL Gilli at
gilli at

Thank you for your support.


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