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Jan Van Zandt mysticmarks at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 6 13:56:00 PDT 2000

Greetings unto Genghis Cad,

The Shire of Ffynnon Gath of the Southern Region does desire to join the 
forces of the Golden Horde.  We have been promoting the great Mongol 
invasion since your great and glorius autocrat made a foray to our area last 
month and told amazing stories of the upcoming invasion.
  We will bring with us our allies, the Clan Cadhla, and as many of the Men 
in Black Fighting Company as possible.  The Amazon Household will be there 
in force for our annual auction and if all goes well, we will have a small 
group of armored Amazon archers.

May your ponies be fertile and your tents waterproof,

HE Jan

Warmonger at heart :)

We will seek the high ground and pray for clear skies and cool nights.

>Hey did you ever want to be in a group that thought sacking a city was the 
>weekend past time of choice?
>Did you ever feel like the whole world was your personal fodder?
>Do you use ferminted mares milk on your Wheaties?  Well maybe that is a 
>little too much.
>Well have I got  a deal you CANNOT refuse.  (Now you'll say, "yes 
>godfather") join the Golden Horde as we lay around and drink.  Wait as we 
>lay waste to those round eyes of the west.
>To join up before you're drafted,
>Call 1 800 I AM A MONGAL
>         or
>Just let me know.
>Genghis Cad

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