WR - Gothic War

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Being the Crusader that I am I will be more than happy to rid the world of 
more heathen. The services provided by myself and my mercenary company can 
be discussed by contacting Lord Kainin. I am sure that I could get you a 

Your Pretty Squire

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>Greetings unto the All!
>Jan said, speaking to Genghis Cad:
> > we will have a small  group of armored Amazon archers.
>At first, Sir Aaron and I, being members of the Amazon household, were
>very pleased to hear of more Amazon fighters/archers.  HOWEVER, it
>happens to be that Genghis Cad is the ENEMY!
>Yes, that's right.  Sir Aaron is leading the defense of Europe from the
>barbaric Genghis Cad.  So, come and be a part of the chaos.
>And as Chiang is Cad's general, 'kind' Sir Aaron has 'persuaded' me to
>assemble his troops for the decimation of the Mongols in defense of our
>beloved lands (and I'm not talking about the desert we live in).
>So, contact us at : 1-800-FITE-4-A-SCOT
>	or
>thebrutely1 at juno.com
>Centurion Brita MacGregor
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