WR - Gothic War

Lord Kainin Tepésa kainin at copycraft.com
Sat Apr 8 08:15:03 PDT 2000

    The Phoenix Company can (depending on everyone's schedules for 
that weekend) field 4 combat archers and 6 heavy fighters (2 poles, 3 
sword and boards & 1 great sword). Now my overenthusiastic field 
captain's words aside (that is why I negotiate the contracts) who 
would like to employee our services.

						Let the bidding begin,

>Being the Crusader that I am I will be more than happy to rid the 
>world of more heathen. The services provided by myself and my 
>mercenary company can be discussed by contacting Lord Kainin. I am 
>sure that I could get you a discount.
>Your Pretty Squire

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