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Sun Apr 9 19:50:07 PDT 2000

Unto Her Excellency Janice of the Amazon household do I Lord Gavin MacIain send greetings.

Most excellent and highly regarded Lady:

At this most recent and glorious Gulf Wars you and I contracted a deed that although minor, was fraught with peril and great danger to my person. Upon initiation of this contract, we agreed that payment for this service would be negotiated at a later date.

If it pleases your most generous and benevolent person, the payment for this deed could be made in full in a short while. It would please me greatly and would settle our account if you would bring your glorious household and any fighters under your sway, to fight for Genghis Cad and the Golden Horde in the upcoming invasion of Europe (Gothic Wars).

Please let me know if these payment arrangements are acceptable to a Lady of your most stellar beauty.

Humbly yours and forever your servant.

Gavin MacIain

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