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Carolyn Rowe ladyceridwyn at
Sun Apr 9 21:54:48 PDT 2000

First I would like to thank all the people who came out for our event.  It 
is impossible to have dance class with out people willing to learn.  Next I 
would like to thank Mistress Evelyn, HL Guillaume, Lord Philip, and Lady 
Isabeau.  I was amazed by the job done by these wonderful instructors.  They 
went above and beyond anything I imagined for this event.  I would also like 
to thank my husband Lord Randolph Stewart who not only put up with me, but 
stepped in when Lady Rosina was detained by her job and took care of all the 
little details that I forgot.  I also need to thank Jadiviga Palangiene and 
Duncan McDougal for all the help they gave him in the kitchen.  Jadiviga 
also needs to be mentioned for her work with the children throughout the 
day.  Lord Selwyn, Lord Mihaly, Lord Rufus, and Duncan McDougal are owed a 
world of thanks for setting up all the tables for the feast.  I also had a 
wonderful clean up crew.  Maria de Vasquez was invaluable in the kitchen as 
was Lord Selwyn, Lord Mihaly, Lord Rufus, Lord Randolph, Jadiviga and Duncan 
were in the main hall.  All these people made things run smoothly and made 
my job easy.  Last but by no means least, I want to extend my thanks to all 
the nobility that attended.  They lent their grace to the atmosphere to the 
event.  Thank you Viscount Galen, Baroness Ascelyn, Mistress Evelyn, 
Baroness Joanna, Baroness Elenore.  I also want to thank all the people that 
I may have forgotten.  Unseen service tends to be the glue that holds things 

In the name of the dream,
Lady Ceridwyn Wilsford
Mendersham Dance Symposium - Autocrat
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