WR - Bye, bye...

Eugene Taylor ceawlin at flash.net
Mon Apr 10 06:46:30 PDT 2000

To all in the Western Region, do I, Ceawlin Silvertongue, send my
deepest and heartfelt thanks, upon our departure from your dried, brown
earth.  I have been treated well and justly (even friendly at times  :->
) by all in this fair land, and I shall miss my friends, and remember
the good times I have had.

If any wish to keep in contact with I, my Lady, my Family, or just my
bulldog Zeke, we have a permanent e-mail address at
"CeawlinUSA at netscape.net".  It may be some time before I respond, but
rest assured we will return e-mail to anyone but Larkin O'Kane ;)

Now, on to the fair shores of Drachenwald!  Look away from Ansteorra
child, for to look back, would only make the heart grow more restless
and regretful.

Lord Ceawlin Silvertongue, with...
     Lady Zubaydah bint Ghazi Al Qazim
     Faith, Paige and Zeke
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