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Chiang chiang at odsy.net
Mon Apr 10 10:41:08 PDT 2000

  My Dear Brita,
Those are very strong and brave words. You and your Lord are great people
and leading examples of what this Dream of Ours is and should be. If my
services were not already promised, they would be yours simply for the
asking. Our lands are filled with those who would only fight for money.
Sadly it is lacking in those who fight for those ideas that we hold so dear.
  It has been my pleasure to stand beside you in battle as well as against
you. I look forward to doing so again as people meet yours in battle to take
what we feel should be ours by right.

  A minor person in the army of the Great Genghis Cad
  Western Regional Knight Marshal
  Autocrat for Gothic 2000 (G2K)

  "Our Enemies Teach Us Life's Most Valuable Lessons"

PS. If that was my squire doing that to me, I would teach him the error of
his ways.
-----Original Message-----

I have been monitoring the efforts of my husband's squire, to acquire
troops for the other side for which he is fighting.  Since we feel him no
ill will concerning his choice, we will make it even easier for him.

Sir Aaron and Brita the Brute will NOT 'pay' ANYONE for their services.
Anyone who fights for us, does so because that is what their hearts tell
them to do.  All we will offer is a chance at honor, glory, and the most
fun you have ever experienced.

Just putting a few more logs on the fire,  :-)

Est Sularus oth Mithas!
(Honor is my life!)

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