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Lord Kainin Tepésa kainin at copycraft.com
Mon Apr 10 13:43:07 PDT 2000

   Methinks I do smell a challenge! On the one hand I have the offer 
of honor, an ideal that I do hold too despite my chosen profession. 
On the other hand I have the promise of "the plunder of Europe when 
it is taken by the Golden Horde" and possible terms for my contract. 
And a third offer of "plenty of largess, to include drink (read that 
as 5 gallons of my sweet mead, and some beer) for the revel that 
night after the battles are all completed". Unless I am wrong there 
are only two armies and thereby The Honorable Lord Agnarr's offer has 
been declared null and void by Centurion Brita's post, so what this 
boils down to is what price do I hold for my honor, what dazzling 
riches can the Golden Horde offer that will help with the pains of 
guilt that I will feel when the Mongols sweep down with my help and 
wipe the whole of Europe clean. Be warned we are not bought cheep, 
and would rather stand our ground with the forces of Sir Aaron and 
keep the barbarians at bay with our honor intact than sell out for a 
pittance. Lord Gavin the bid is to you.

						Kainin (who sooo 
loves persona play)

>I have been monitoring the efforts of my husband's squire, to acquire
>troops for the other side for which he is fighting.  Since we feel him no
>ill will concerning his choice, we will make it even easier for him.
>Sir Aaron and Brita the Brute will NOT 'pay' ANYONE for their services.
>Anyone who fights for us, does so because that is what their hearts tell
>them to do.  All we will offer is a chance at honor, glory, and the most
>fun you have ever experienced.
>Just putting a few more logs on the fire,  :-)

Domn Kainin Tepésa
Head of House Phoenix
Barony of Bonwicke
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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