WR - Gothic War Negotiations

Thomas Jenkins enforcer_74 at apex2000.net
Mon Apr 10 16:20:46 PDT 2000

Although the role of a mercenary has been an integral part of SCA Heavy
Fighting for quite sometime now, be warned... Those that fight for what they
believe in, for the honor that they hold dear, will always be victorious
over those who "sell themselves to the highest bidder."

Thank you Centurion Britta and Sir Aaron, for having the constitution to
stand on your honor alone. Loyalty seems to be a quickly disappearing
commodity in the Society these days, sad be it to say.

All those that wish to join the Horde and partake in the plundering and
pillaging of my homeland beware... you may have the numbers, but we are
Scotsmen, and more importantly, we will be defending our land. Oh, and we
have a few surprises up our sleevs...

Logan Macleod
of the Clan Macleod

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> Greetings!
> I have been monitoring the efforts of my husband's squire, to acquire
> troops for the other side for which he is fighting.  Since we feel him no
> ill will concerning his choice, we will make it even easier for him.
> Sir Aaron and Brita the Brute will NOT 'pay' ANYONE for their services.
> Anyone who fights for us, does so because that is what their hearts tell
> them to do.  All we will offer is a chance at honor, glory, and the most
> fun you have ever experienced.
> Just putting a few more logs on the fire,  :-)
> Brita
> Est Sularus oth Mithas!
> (Honor is my life!)
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