WR - Gothic War Negotiations

Cad & Martha cadmartha at drbcom.com
Mon Apr 10 20:06:52 PDT 2000

My fine and honorable negotiator Gavin has been starting negotiations with
various clans.  Well let it be known that Ghengis Cad does fight for his
peoples' honor, it's just plunder is fun and profitable.  So let all know
that the Golden Horde will look to the honor of all concerned (even those
garlic smelling round eyes have some honor) as well as the FUN and GLORY of

What ever deals may be struck with Gavin will also include a quanity of mead
made by the beautiful and honorable Mistress Marthe and a quanity of ale and
may be even some mares milk if you really get into this.

Ghengis Cad

PS Gavin don't make all of your negotiations public we don't want to scare
all those Europeans off it cuts down on plunder.  They may pick up and move
off to that fabled New World.

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