WR - Gothic War Negotiations

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It is true what you say about importance of honor.  To fight for the honor
of it is exactly what most of do, how we are to play the game.  But what
does one do when two paths lie before them, both of equal honor and glory
to be one, both to service with honorable lords who offer a just cause?.
Which path do we chose then?  Which lord do we serve?  Do we go to one and
say I will fight with you for you are the most honorable lord?  Can we say
to the other that they are less?  No, for in that is the only path to
dishonor.  We insult the one we do not follow and dishonor ourselves in
doing so.  Also how might we chose which of the two are the better?  What
right do we have to judge anyone and would we want such a judgement wished
down upon us?  No, there must be a better way.  So we let a few coins
change hands, a bauble given as a gift, a favor bestowed, and when we go to
fight for them we point at the token and say this is why we fight for one
and not the other.  Thus there is no dishonor.  It is a bridge over a,
river these tokens. A sign to ease the choice of path so that all are well
serverd and honor is rightly shared.  That is all.

Lord  Gavin Mac Iain

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> Greetings!
> I have been monitoring the efforts of my husband's squire, to acquire
> troops for the other side for which he is fighting.  Since we feel him no
> ill will concerning his choice, we will make it even easier for him.
> Sir Aaron and Brita the Brute will NOT 'pay' ANYONE for their services.
> Anyone who fights for us, does so because that is what their hearts tell
> them to do.  All we will offer is a chance at honor, glory, and the most
> fun you have ever experienced.
> Just putting a few more logs on the fire,  :-)
> Brita
> Est Sularus oth Mithas!
> (Honor is my life!)
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