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>I have been monitoring the efforts of my husband's squire, to acquire
>troops for the other side for which he is fighting.  Since we feel him no
>ill will concerning his choice, we will make it even easier for him.
>Sir Aaron and Brita the Brute will NOT 'pay' ANYONE for their services.  
>Anyone who fights for us, does so because that is what their hearts tell
>them to do.  All we will offer is a chance at honor, glory, and the most
>fun you have ever experienced.
>Just putting a few more logs on the fire,  :-)
>Est Sularus oth Mithas!
>(Honor is my life!)

My dearest Frau Brita...

Here I am a lansknecht, a mercenary, and your faithful man-at-arms and then
I have to hear such things.  It disturbs me to think that my services can
be so easily discarded for the simple fact that I fight for money and not
honor or glory.  Though it could be said that I do fight for fun.  If you
think money is fun that is.  I must take it that the emphasis you put on
the Anyone means that this must go for even myself.  *sigh*  It also sounds
as if you mean that to fight for money is not to fight for honor.  This
saddens me.

It seems I must explain a few things about being mercenary.  Fighting for
me is a way of life.  It is how I put the next meal on the table.  I have
tried other professions but it did not work out.  Farming? No.  It may work
well for you and your clan but I am German and lack the famous Scottish
talent and love for domestic animals and dirt.  No, it is the way of the
warrior for myself.  It is all I know.  I have honor though.  Once a
contract was formed I have never reneged.  I have done what was asked of me
no matter how dangerous or unpleasant.  I have done things that others who
fought for honor would not.  It was my job, my duty, and one I met without
flinching.  Is this not honor?  I have served this kingdom and the shire in
which I live and for this I have been rewarded.  Some may not see an AoA or
Sable Crane as payment for services rendered but most people are not
mercenaries.  Those things convey title, rank, and status.  I am happy with
that as payment.

Even a knights Oath may be seen as a contract.  In exchange for power, rank
and title a knight swears loyalty, service to the king.  Even the most
altuistic of people do things for the good feeling they get from helping
people.  You may find my dear Brita that we are all mercenaries, only the
prices change.

But enough of such philosophy.  Down to business.  Since it seems I will
not be needed by Frau Brita or her Knightly lord then I shall have to
answer the call of the horde. Chiang, we'll talk.  Also let all my brothers
in arms, be they lansknecht or myrmidon, mercenaries of all stripes come
and serve the horde.  I will pay what fee's I may myself so that we can
show all that we are noble warriors though we fight for coin and not glory.
 I will also throw a revel for all the mercenaries. Let us all feast,
drink, and tell old lies together.  Also let us blacken our swords, that
way Brita will know if she has been killed for money or honor, and if it
feels different in someway.
Also, Jan if you read this remember the debt we were dicussing between the
amazons and myself, I would like to settle this and my pay for the next two
years to go to pay mercenaries to fight for Cad.  Hire as many as you may
with these funds.

It should be grand.  I'll see you all on the field

Dumping a little naptha on that fire.*

*the views in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of Gerrold the
Herald, MoNGo MacGregor or the Order of the Silent Autocrats.  All
matierials were merely used for entertainment purposes and should be
reproduced, preferably in the backseat of a car.  Any resemblance to any
persons living or dead was wholly intentional and done without right
malice.  The names have remained the same to persecute the guilty.

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