WR - Lansknechten point of honor.

Lord Kainin Tepésa kainin at copycraft.com
Tue Apr 11 07:09:02 PDT 2000

Herr Erazmus Totengrabber said:
I would ask you to reconsider two things, the idea that we are only
mercenaries, and that we hold gold above honor.

     Herr Erasmuz I would ask you to reread what Herr Gerrald said in 
his missive. I think he very accurately stated that we mercenaries do 
fight for honor; we fight for gold above glory, but we are always 
honorable. A contract with my company, once sealed, will NEVER be 
broken no matter what may happen (ie: the other side offers more 
money). Herr Gerrald, to you I say Vivate and well said!! If 
negotiations go well then I will have the honor of fighting with you, 
other wise I will have the honor of fighting against you. Either way 
I look forward to meeting you in honor on the field of battle.

						Honorable Head of House Phoenix

PS: Isn't the Horde invading England and not Germany?
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