WR - Lubbock Arts Festival

Lord Kainin Tepésa kainin at copycraft.com
Tue Apr 11 07:22:12 PDT 2000

    I would like to sweeten the deal to help ensure a good turnout for 
this very important demo for Bonwicke. It is my understanding that we 
have been having quite a few Light Fighters come down to Bonwicke 
from our friends to the North and play with us here on our glorious 
soil many these past Saturdays. I would ask all those fighters to 
come down again and if there is a sufficient number that come to help 
us with this demo (say 6 fighters) we will have a tournament Saturday 
afternoon for which I will offer the prize of one of my 15th century 
pouches (like the one auctioned at our 12th Night) made in the 
winners chosen colors. I offer the same deal to the heavy fighters on 
Sunday. Please write me off list and let me know if you are coming so 
I can prepare for these tournaments. That would be again, a Light 
Tourney on Saturday and a Heavy Tourney Sunday. Of course we would 
welcome you to bring all your friends and family to watch you in 
these tourneys and to help us in our demo. I will also offer to all 
the non-fighters (and fighters too) my help in any leather working 
projects that you may have (armour, pouches, garments, etc), I will 
bring my mobile leather shop with me and lend help in tools and my 
limited knowledge to anyone who needs it and comes to help us. I look 
forward to seeing you there, EMail me if you need any more 


>Greetings to one and all!  This weekend (15th & 16th) is our Lubbock 
>Arts Festival.  This is a big demo for Bonwicke and really helps us 
>draw new members.  I would ask that if you aren't busy this weekend 
>with an event, to please join us if you can.  We need heavy and 
>light fighters, Arts & Sciences projects for display, beautiful 
>costumes for display, armor for display, etc.
>You can come one day or both.  If you are interested in joining us, 
>please e-mail me and I'll give you more details and directions.
>It's a fun event with lots of things to do and lots of food to eat. 
>We will be set up in the Celtic area with many celtic musicians and 
>dance groups.
>Hope to see you this weekend!
>In Service to Christ and Crown,
>Baroness Ascelyn de Bonwicke

In service to the Dream,

Lord Kainin Tepesa
Baronial Court Herald
Chronicler & Deputy Seneschal
  to the Barony of Bonwicke
     in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

kainin at copycraft.com
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