WR - Celebrate Abilene and Lubbock Arts Festival - same weekend!

Roberta Starkey rstarkey at camalott.com
Tue Apr 11 07:51:54 PDT 2000

Why do two towns in the Western Region both have to have great
opportunities for demos on the same dates?  Out of all the possible days in
a whole year, Abilene and Lubbock in their great wisdom have to have neat
cool events on the same %(^&*)&*(_ weekend.  

Any other weekend,I would be there.  But we also have a great demo
opportunity at Celebrate Abilene.   

Best of luck for those going to Bonwicke's.  

Party at Rosario's for those going to Mendersham"s.  (No cool leather
pouches, but bop til you drop fighting.) 

Lady AmaRyah hap Illys de Visclo
Knight Marshall, Shire of Mendersham

> From: Lord Kainin Tepésa   <kainin at copycraft.com>

>     I would like to sweeten the deal to help ensure a good turnout for 
> this very important demo for Bonwicke. <snip> I will offer the prize of
one of my 15th century  pouches <snip>a Light 
> Tourney on Saturday and a Heavy Tourney Sunday. 
> information.
> >Greetings to one and all!  This weekend (15th & 16th) is our Lubbock 
> >Arts Festival.  This is a big demo for Bonwicke and really helps us 
> >draw new members.  I would ask that if you aren't busy this weekend 
> >with an event, to please join us if you can.  We need heavy and 
> >light fighters, Arts & Sciences projects for display, beautiful 
> >costumes for display, armor for display, etc.
> >You can come one day or both.  If you are interested in joining us, 
> >please e-mail me and I'll give you more details and directions.
> >It's a fun event with lots of things to do and lots of food to eat. 
> >We will be set up in the Celtic area with many celtic musicians and 
> >dance groups.
> >Hope to see you this weekend!
> >
> >In Service to Christ and Crown,
> >Baroness Ascelyn de Bonwicke

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