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Tue Apr 11 09:34:34 PDT 2000

At 08:06 AM 04/11/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Herr Gerrald stated:
>> Here I am a lansknecht, a mercenary, and your faithful man-at-arms and
>> I have to hear such things.
>Meine herr,
>I would ask you to reconsider two things, the idea that we are only
>mercenaries, and that we hold gold above honor.

Meine freund,
Never did I say that I held gold above honor.  If I did then I could be
bought away from who ever hired me in the middle of battle.  You would
accuse me of being capable of such oathbreaking?  No, I hold honor dear to
heart, but it my own kind of honor.  I did so try to explain it and it
seems that I failed.  For that I am sorry.  As for being more than
mercenaries... for others perhaps this is so.  I did not seek to speak for
all.  For myself it has always been so.

>We are mercenary only in the respect that we are professional soldiers
>available for hire, only when the motherland does not need us.
>Only once have Landsknechten failed to come home when called to arms

Ja, such as it should be.  When we raise up in arms against the eternal foe
Trimaris I raise my sword with Ansteorra which is in my heart my
motherland.  No amount of gold or jewels will sway me from this.  As for
Frau Brita and Herr Aaron.  They have not called me to their service for
this war.  Aaron is one of only 2 men I have given an oath of a free sword
to.  It is the greatest gift I have to give for such is my respect.  I
asked him and he said to do as I will.  I have not been called so there is
no lack of honor.  I wrote as I did because when Brita told me what she had
posted it made me think that she might think that we did hold honor above
gold and that we were unworthy. I thank you for showing that we are not.
This is a squabble between Mongol and Scott,  let us fight for who and what
we will.  Let us show those who doubt that Landsknechten fight with honor.

Gebieter Gerrold Von Drachenhohle

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