WR - Clearing the Gothic Air

Tiffany Geisendorff thebrutely1 at juno.com
Tue Apr 11 19:30:34 PDT 2000

	First of all, when I said that fighting for the European side would
bring our warriors honor, glory, and fun, I didn't mean to imply that
fighting for our friend Cad would be dishonorable or that being a
mercenary is dishonorable.   The way I am viewing this scenario, in
persona, is that I am defending my village, family, and sheep from those
who might do them harm.  Thus, the Mongols are not honorable, in the
sense that they have no honor in their actions under this scenario and my
view point.  
	Also, I personally do not believe in rewarding troops with monetary
awards, for I hold ideals as greater rewards, as in the case of William
Wallace and the Scots who fought for freedom.  Once again, fight on the
side that your heart dictates (whither it be for values, home, or
'plunder') After all, it your funeral to fight against us.  Just
remember, to have plunder, you must first win, and who said anything
about the Mongols winning  ;-)


* I would never question the HONOR of my good friends and family of the
great western region.  I am just having great fun with the war scenario. 

Aaron says, "Eat more Mongols, the new white meat!"

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