WR - Clearing the Gothic Air

HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at apex2000.net
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Well said Centurian Brita, To me all this is just a bit of personna play for
those in the mood to do so; and no ill will or intent was meant to anyone.


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> First of all, when I said that fighting for the European side would
>bring our warriors honor, glory, and fun, I didn't mean to imply that
>fighting for our friend Cad would be dishonorable or that being a
>mercenary is dishonorable.   The way I am viewing this scenario, in
>persona, is that I am defending my village, family, and sheep from those
>who might do them harm.  Thus, the Mongols are not honorable, in the
>sense that they have no honor in their actions under this scenario and my
>view point.
> Also, I personally do not believe in rewarding troops with monetary
>awards, for I hold ideals as greater rewards, as in the case of William
>Wallace and the Scots who fought for freedom.  Once again, fight on the
>side that your heart dictates (whither it be for values, home, or
>'plunder') After all, it your funeral to fight against us.  Just
>remember, to have plunder, you must first win, and who said anything
>about the Mongols winning  ;-)
>* I would never question the HONOR of my good friends and family of the
>great western region.  I am just having great fun with the war scenario.
>Aaron says, "Eat more Mongols, the new white meat!"
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