WR - Re: Gothic War Negotiations

Cad & Martha cadmartha at drbcom.com
Tue Apr 11 20:53:38 PDT 2000

>Aw c'mon!  Babes are great, roasted in a mild honey&wine sauce!  They're
>tender as veal, if lightly toasted, they're crunchy on the outside, soft
>and gooey on the inside...  AND!  You could put nacho cheese sauce on
>With other ideas...

Well I guess this leason well pay for your services for the next several
years.  You finally got the order of rape, pillage, and burn right.

Now the baby part :

You can do other things than cook them.  If you cannot decide what is the
best thing to do.  I'm sure I could have a few Amazons teach you the proper
way to lets say handle the fair ladies.

Ghengis Cad
The Teacher

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