ANST-Announce - Celebrate Abilene

Carolyn Rowe ladyceridwyn at
Wed Apr 12 10:51:08 PDT 2000

Just a reminder that this weekend (15-16) is the Celebrate Abilene demo.  I 
still have 2 hours of stage time and would like to fill it with a variety of 
talents.  If you are a bard, a dancer, or a fighter wanting your talents 
displayed, please come out.  We also have display tables to fill.  If you 
have A&S type stuff you want displayed, please come out.  We have chairs to 
fill.  If you have garb or socializing skills to display, please come out.  
See the theme...PLEASE COME OUT!!!!  If you come in garb and say you are 
with the SCA you will get in free.  Please e-mail me privately if you can 
help us out.  I would like to get an idea of what resources I have at my 

In the name of the dream,

Ly. Ceridwyn Wilsford
Hospitaler - Shire of Mendersham
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