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  Greetings to the Fighters of the Western Region,
 Below is a message that I received from Eleanor. It concerns the fighting
that is to be done at Conquest of the New World. It would seem that there
will be much fighting and glory to be had in this New World.
  Many of you in the West have agreed to fight for Queen Elisabeth and/or I.
I would once again like to ask those of you that can go, to come and fight
for us. It is our chance to show the Kingdom, that the West has some of the
finest fighters to grace the fields of war.
  As further inducement to come and join us, I have told the members of my
House that if 50 fighters show up to fight for my side, I will wear tights
in Court. The things that I do to get a few fighters to show up<G>. I also
am sure that I can find some small tokens with which to show my gratitude
for your fighting for me. So you get something for fighting and you get to
see me in tights(maybe).
  Captain in the Army of Elisabeth, soon to be Queen of America
  Western Regional Knight Marshal
  Autocrat for Gothic 2000 (G2K)

  "Our Enemies Teach Us Life's Most Valuable Lessons"

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Subject: Fighting at Conquest

The scenarios for the heavy and light will be very similar.

1.  Open field battle: Big field no obstacles, except the other armies.  To
the last man standing.

2.  Treasure hunt: Cluttered field, lots of bags of treasure, army with the
most treasure wins.  Resurrection battle 45 min.

3.  Fort battle: One army defends, one army attacks, third army attacks
what's left.  Each army will get to play in each position, so there will be

Archery will be allowed for all Heavy scenarios, I am not sure about the
light weapons.  We may also have a couple of ballistas out for use by the
All battles are subject to change without notice.

Champion tournament for Heavy will be single elimination, to enable more
for melees.  The winner of the tournament will earn a point for their Queen.

If you have any other questions please email me at cbbike at aol.com.

In your service

Etain O'Rourke

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