ANST-Announce - Tourney format for Castellan

Sigen3 at Sigen3 at
Sun Apr 16 07:45:09 PDT 2000

Greetings from Northkeep,

The format for this both the Drighton (chivalric) and Provost (rapier) will 
be speed tourneys.  It will be 20 minutes of fighting, 20 minute rest, 20 
minutes of fighting.  The bouts will be 1 on 1, with at least 2 fields 
(depending on the number of fighters).

There will be prizes for the most fights fought, and most chivalrous.
The Champion titles (Drighton and Provost) will be awarded to the fighters 
with the most fights won.

This is not a hold the field tourney.  Speed is the basis for the point 

Bring your weapons and have some fun!  We look forward to seeing all of you 

We remain in service,
Thorgrim and Sigen
Baron and Baroness Northkeep
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